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Welcome to the website of Tony and Lee Painter of Fibbersley Lofts, Willenhall, West Midlands. Through the course of these pages you'll learn a little about ourselves and our MCC and West Midlands Region RPRA Award winning birds..  Click on a pigeon to see an enlarged version of that pigeon.


The main blood on our garden at present comes in the shape of our PAINTER DE MEYER family. We've moulded this family over the last decade into a very fast sprint pigeon that now win up and down the country for friends and fanciers who've acquired our lines. Nothing gives us more pleasure than to hear from fanciers winning with our birds. The PAINTER DE MEYER pigeons normally have a De Meyer influence in there somewhere; but we aren't afraid to blend something into them in a bid to try and get a super-fast super-reliable pigeon. Anything that we do put into them has to be TOP CLASS!

There are other birds on the garden besides the PAINTER DE MEYERS that are very good and we have ample faith in. For instance, refer to the "The Award Winners" to see "Champion Olympic Taffy". This cock of ours is a racing and breeding machine. He was awesome on the road and he's leaving his mark as a breeder too. The NW Region Award winner of "Best YB in 2015" carried the blood of "Taffy" (amongst other lines of ours). This YB was bred by us and sold as a squeaker. We're enormously proud of the achievements that he put up.

Besides this we are also members of the MCC. In 2015 we were the proud winners of 1st and 2nd Section, 1st and 2nd Open MCC Portland with our Painter De Meyer bloodlines. Not only this, but the same race was open to non-members of the MCC too; and an "Open Race Result" was also published featuring the result of the entire liberation. We were 1st and 2nd Open in that result too! We are also members of the MNFC too; and are previous winners of 1st South West Section there too


2016 saw us have our successes again too. Our ace widowhood cock "JUMBO" winning a 2016 West Midlands Region Award in the 0-250 miles category for his performances. This means that both he and his illustrious father "VAN PERSIE" are both West Midlands Region Award winners in the 0-250 miles category. A classic example of "Like Father Like Son" coming to the fore

We are now the proud owners of SIX RPRA Region Award winners. We also provide other lofts with excellent pigeons too - as this website will demonstrate. Housed at our lofts we have :- "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" Winner of TWO AWARDS in the 0-250 miles category for his efforts in both 2007 and 2009. There's the Overall Champion of the West Midlands in the 0-800 miles category, our very own "Willenhall Warrior". There's the the 2011 Award winner "VAN PERSIE". There's the CHAMPION YB of the Region "HARRY'S BOY" that was bred by ourselves, purchased by Harry Williams and raced by Devine and Kelly in Liverpool. He won approx £1,700 as a YB.   There's also our 2016 West Midlands Region Award winner "JUMBO" who is a DIRECT SON of the 2011 Region Award winner "VAN PERSIE"

We have topped the following Federations :- Wolves, Worcester, Dudley, Gloucester, Bromsgrove and Wolves Midweek Federation. We have won many prizes in the Section and Open of the MNFC (Including 1st SW Section) and we've also won 1st Section in the MCC twice and taken 1 x 1st Open , 3 x 2nd Open, 3rd Open, 2 x 4th Open etc..

For more information on the birds we house and our performances please continue to read our other pages. You can also read more about our birds here 

**Fibbersley Lofts is fully alarmed and 24 hour CCTV has been installed and activated accordingly**

As you browse through the pages, hopefully you'll learn more about ourselves and our birds.

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