These are a lightning fast sprint family that we've had the pleasure of racing since 2006. They've done everything that we have asked of them so far - including 1st Wolverhampton Fed 6,000 birds etc on a year in year out basis. Our birds came via Kevin Head who recently had to have a sale. Within our lofts we house some of the finest De Meyers in the UK and these are going to be a hugely successful sprint family in the UK. They are already doing lots of winning in the West Midlands for ourselves and other fanciers. In fact our 2011 West Midlands Region Award winner in the 0-250 miles category is "VAN PERSIE" who carries 50% De Meyer bloodlines! This 2010 cock has 11 x 1st and 3 x 2nd's to his name! Please refer to the "De Meyer" page for more on this exciting new sprint family.


in 1999 we decided to go to the ultra succesful loft of Colin Lloyd of Cannock.We have always sought the very best racing pigeons and so we decided on the Cattrysse. That year of 1999 Colin Lloyd had hit a purple patch,not only in sprint family but also in the distance. Within a ten day period Colin had topped the Wolverhampton Federation from Saintes but he went onto win the NFC from Saintes again with the same pigeon.(King Arthur). We met Colin one Sunday morning and purchased 6 late-breds out of the racers and stock loft. These were top quality specimens.These 6 late-breds went straight into the stock loft and through our tough selection policy only 3 survived. These 3 pigeons have formed a base of top performing pigeons. We have topped the Wolverhampton, Worcester and Bromsgrove Federations with these. As like Colin's pigeons they also put up great performances at MCC and MNFC level. We have won both Sections at MCC and MNFC level. One cock for instance finishing 8th Open MNFC Portsmouth in a strong North west wind in the MNFC. Our two RPRA Award winning cocks "Willenhall Warrior" and "Olympic Taffy" are 50% Cattrysse and 50% Staf van Reets - proves that the Cattrysse are very good crossing pigeons.I believe that a pigeon is a pigeon. Pedigrees mean nothing here - performances do.


We are very happy with our Gaby's. Through our great friendship with the Lycett family we have acquired DIRECT children from "The Assassin", "Pale Rider", "Hagrid's Nest Sister", "Mansell" etc. These pigeons have won out of turn, up and down the country. In addition to this, we have a few very select pigeons from D & J Hawkins that also ooze class. These are two of the best lofts containing M & D Evans pigeons that you could possibly wish for. The type of pigeon that we house of this strain carry the blood of the Ace breeder "One So Wondeful" (Dam, G.Dam and G.G.Dam of winners right the way up to National level). Also the RPRA Award winning "The 42 Cock" and again direct from the wonderful breeding hen "Charlotte" that carries the bloodlines of M & D Evans super "Shadow" cock. "Charlotte" is responsible for 7 sons to win at least 34 x 1st, 3 x 1st Fed, 2 x 2nd Fed etc...


We do not have many of this family on the garden. At present we are using them as a cross to see if the best of this breed can be incorporated into our own family of birds. Results at the moment are promising. In the 2013 YB season one Zwols x Gaby hen won 1st club, 1st Section, 1st Open Wolverhampton Federation for us.  The lines we have are only the best : Blue Prince, Boy, Queen, Tip Top Junior, Truke, Prince Amor, Blue Princess, Sweet Purple, Eagles Nephew, Francine's Boy, Tip Top Rekkem, Smeulders Cock, Game Princess, Zwols Baby, Game Lady and Scholes.  One G.Son of TRUKE that we have has already bred a young hen to win 1st Club, 1st Club, 1st Section 1,220 birds, 1st Wolverhampton Federation 2,694 birds, 2nd Club, 3rd Section 1,454 birds, 14th Wolverhampton Federation 3,087 birds, 6th Section 797 birds and 23rd Wolverhampton Federation 1,663 birds!


For the 2014 season we have mated our supreme "Champion Olympic Taffy" (2 x winner of West Midlands Region Award 0-250 miles and now prolific breeder of winners) to one of our finest 2013 racing hens. This hen was a winner of 1st Club, 1st Club, 1st Section 1,220 birds, 1st Wolverhampton Federation 2,694 birds, 2nd Club, 3rd Section 1,454 birds, 14th Federation 3,087 birds, 6th Section 797 birds and 23rd Federation 1,663 birds.  

Our superb De Meyer Cock "Oily Rag" is mated to a very good hen in 2014. "Oily" is a winner for us of 1st 6,388 birds, 1st 3,309 birds, 1st 381 birds, 1st 308 birds, 1st 305 birds, 1st 297 birds, 3rd 3,088 birds, 5th 6,772 birds etc. Oh and he breeds winners too!  His mate for 2014 is a full sister to "Lady Voets". "Lady Voets" only raced as a YB winning 1st 1,976 birds, 1st 3,925 birds etc before breeding the winner of 1st Open Liverpool Classic! The hen we have chosen for "Oily" is only a 2013 hen but she already proved her worth winning 5th Section 5th Open in the MCC Portland race this year (We lost time with her too)

We have also introduced a direct daughter of McGimpsey Bros sensational breeding hen "Megs". The "Megs" hen was acquired by McGimpsey Bros in the Entire Clearance sale of Cath Lycett & Son. She is a direct daughter of Assassin x Bobby Dazzler. Since being with McGimpsey Bros she is turning out to be a Goldmine breeding hen producing reams of good pigeons for lots of fanciers. For 2014 our "Miss Megs" will be mated to "Champion Willenhall Warrior". Remember, "Warrior" is a West Midlands Region Champion, won 2nd Open MCC, 4th Open MCC (to 2 different loft locations) and features in the breeding of the current 2013 West Midlands Region Sprint Champion "King Eddy" of Ken & Cath Lycett (Winner 5 x 1st clubs and 3 x 1st Federations as a yearling).

We have re-paired a special pairing from the 2013 season. We have a superb G.Son of "Truke" (Frans Zwols fans will know all about this line) and we've mated him to our direct daughter of "Charlotte". Quite simply, "Charlotte" is one of the best breeding hens in the UK with 7 sons winning at least 34 x 1st etc. This mating produced the young 2013 hen that won 1st Club, 1st Club, 1st Section 1,220 birds, 1st Federation 2,694 birds, 2nd Club, 3rd Section 1,454 birds, 14th Federation 3,087 birds, 6th Section 797 birds and 23rd Federation 1,663 birds etc for us.

There's no doubting that one of the best breeding hens on the garden at present is "Lucky Lady". This hen is responsible for GENERATIONS of winners for us and others. She is mother to "Lady Voets" who was only raced as a YB winning 1st 1,976 and 1st 3,925 birds. She then went on to breed the winner of 1st Open Liverpool Classic winning £1,000. There's an endless stream of winners through "Lucky Lady". For the 2014season she is mated to "Pencil Pied". Please see his picture on the Home-Page. This 2011 cock is already making a name for himself as a breeder. For example Gordon Bros & Sons in N.Ireland won 2nd Open EDC with his bloodlines. He also bred "77" our best racing YB of 2013!

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