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  • Geoff Mcmullan (Saturday, September 08 18 11:31 pm BST)

    Hi lee nice set up you have and top birds with top results . Was just wondering how the Alex Docx birds are going for you mate .your in sport Geoff

  • Gary (G.R. and D. Price) (Thursday, November 23 17 03:25 pm GMT)

    Hi Tony and Lee,
    Thought I'd let you know that Champion Olympic Taffy's father sadly died this morning at the age of 15. He was one of our best racing pigeons and then became one of our best stud pigeons.
    Hope you're all keeping okay,
    Gary (G. R. and D. Price)

  • Marylou (Saturday, May 06 17 06:05 am BST)

    You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the work you write.
    The sector hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to say how they believe.
    At all times go after your heart.

  • McGimpsey Bros (Sunday, April 09 17 05:14 pm BST)

    Hi Lads. Hope you are keeping well. First race of the season yesterday and we are 1,2,5,6 Club and 1,2,5,7 Section F in the NIPA. In the Section there was 984 birds and the winner is another son of "SNOW FAIRY" that you bred for me. This daughter of "KEV'S BOY" has now bred 4 different pigeons for us to win 6 x 1st Section F wins - and she's producing winners for pretty much everybody else too. Amazing hen. Thanks Lads. Eddie McGimpsey

  • deanmckee (Thursday, October 08 15 06:22 pm BST)

    results young birds 2015
    Hi lee and tony hope you both well.Folowing are results of young birds off you that have scored this season.
    Buckingham 25/7/15-4th club 219 birds 27th fed 1815 birds.
    Buckingham 1/8/15-2nd club 232 birds
    Newbury 8/8/15-5th,6th club 213 birds
    Bedhampton 22/8/15-1st,2nd,4th club 110 birds 3rd,4th,12th fed 1627 birds.
    Buckingham 29/8/15 1st,2nd,3rd,5th,6th,7th club 131 birds
    Newbury 5/9/15 5th 120 birds
    Carentan 12/9/15 3rd,6th club
    The winners being off rvp lines.
    Looking forward to seeing you both soon and cant wait for the kit of 2016 youngsters.
    thank you dean.

  • Ed McGimpsey (Tuesday, June 16 15 10:39 pm BST)

    Snow Fairy
    hello lee and tony

    we have another update for you. earlier in the ob season we had a yearling cock win 2 x 2nd section f in the nipa. he was only beaten for 1st sect f on both occasions by his older brother. well this cock has now finally got his reward. the son of your snow fairy has just won 1st sect f 4th open nipa roscarberry against 11,234 birds.

    cheers lads

  • Mike Lycett (Sunday, May 17 15 07:48 pm BST)

    Hi again Tony and Lee

    Another update for you, and "Eddy" won again yesterday by almost 3 clear minutes against 236 birds. This was from 153 miles. That's 16 x 1st for him now


  • Mike Lycett (Friday, May 08 15 10:57 am BST)

    Champion Eddy
    Hi Tony and Lee

    Mum and Dad have just received the Federation result from Saturday's race. "Champion Eddy" won 1st club against 323 birds, and he has just been confirmed as 1st Open Burton and Derby Federation from Frome against 2,773 birds. This cock has now got 15 x 1st to his name, 5 of which are 1st Open Federation.

    I believe that the 1st and 2nd Federation pigeons are 5-6 minutes clear of 3rd Federation. Cheers again lads for the mother of "Champion Eddy" !!

  • mcgimpsey bros (Tuesday, May 05 15 10:04 am BST)

    Snow Fairy
    hello tony and lee

    we have more good news for you. as you know in the first race this year 3 sons of snow fairy that we got from you won 1st 2nd and 5th section f of the nipa. in the race this week our 3rd race of the season the same three sons of snow fairy came in the very same order and have won 1st 2nd and 7th section f against over 1,500 birds. this kevs boy x fibbersley queen cross is magic at the moment

    cheers lads

  • dean mckee (Monday, April 27 15 05:30 pm BST)

    young bird
    hi lee and tony
    well done again for the weekend taking 1st and 2nd club.got a nice kit of 20 youngens of painter pigeons cant wait to race them.
    all the best

  • Owen/Joesbury and son (Monday, April 27 15 06:42 am BST)

    Grandchildren of Taffy
    Two grandchildren of Taffy scored for us last weekend. Our Ace hen claimed 2nd club while her nestmate was 4th. The ace hen has now had 3 1sts and 2 2nds. We are really impressed with the Taffy bloodlines and are looking to acquire more from this bloodline in 2015! Super Pigeons.

  • Mike Lycett (Thursday, April 23 15 10:22 pm BST)

    Hi Tony and Lee

    Hope you are both keeping well.

    My parents have asked me to let you know the result of their opening race of the season. They raced from Cheltenham on Saturday and have finished 3rd, 8th, 9th and 10th Open Burton and Derby Federation.

    All 4 carry your blood when crossed into the Gabys

    The first carries the lines of Champion "Olympic Taffy" whilst the winners of 8th and 9th Federation are a daughter and brother of "Champion Eddy" - therefore carrying the blood of Champion "Willenhall Warrior".

    The winner of 10th Federation is "Champion Eddy" himself. I think you have his performances on your Guestbook somewhere; but he's some pigeon.


  • McGimpsey Bros (Tuesday, April 21 15 07:10 pm BST)

    hello lee and tony. just thought i would drop you a line. we had the first race of the season on saturday and we won 1st 2nd 4th and 6th club and 1st, 2nd 5th and 7th section f in the nipa. the race was from tullamore. the first 3 home are all direct sons of "snow fairy" our direct daughter of kevs boy x fibbersley queen. that's 4 x 1st section winners she has produced now! thanks lads

  • john gibb (Wednesday, December 03 14 06:19 pm GMT)

    nice birds
    just received 2 very nice birds from fibbersley lofts.
    thanks lee for picking out a nice frans zwol cock bird for the hen I bought from you .
    thy will make a nice pair of stock birds to start a frans zwol line to start us off with.
    thanks lee and your dad.
    stormqueen lofts.

  • Alastair McInnes (Friday, October 31 14 08:02 pm GMT)

    Just to thank you for the pigeons I have received so far. I have had 4 winners and numerous positions in the last two years since receiving these birds. It has enhanced my loft 100%, just through your selection of pigeons send to me. This is what I call honesty in a real pigeon fancier.

  • wally %26 gail (Thursday, October 09 14 05:13 pm BST)

    thank you for making our visit to your home very welcoming. your hospitality was lovely. wally really enjoyed the tour of the lofts, i enjoyed a lovely chat with mary we hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 15th we hope to see you again soon.

  • Mike Lycett (Thursday, October 02 14 04:03 pm BST)

    Hi Tony and Lee

    Hope you are both well.

    I just wanted to inform you in writing of what "Champion Eddy" has now won for my parents - and of course to thank you for supplying the actual mother of "Champion Eddy". This "Champion Willenhall Warrior" blood is certainly mixing in very nicely with the Gaby's!!

    Born in 2012 "Eddy" has won :

    West Midlands Region Sprint Champion 2013

    1st Club 1st Burton Derby Fed Frome
    1st Club 1st Burton Derby Fed Kingsdown
    1st Club 1st Burton Derby Fed Bath
    1st Club 1st Burton Derby Fed Kingsdown
    (These 4 Fed wins were on a headwind, a tailwind, an East wind and a West wind!)
    1st Club 4th Fed Hullavington
    1st Blandford Forum
    1st Portland
    1st Wincanton
    1st Taunton
    2nd Frome
    (Plus other Federation performances)

    Lee / Tony - not only that but "Eddy" has also bred 1st Burton Derby Fed too!

    Thank you gents - they literally could not have achieved these performances without "Eddy's" mother "Britvic 55" who came from you

    All The Best for 2014 - 2015

    Mike Lycett

  • fergus (Thursday, September 04 14 12:03 pm BST)

    Van reets
    I was wondering if you could tell me about your van reets and what they have won. also what lines of van reet you keep.
    kind regards

  • Owen/Joesbury %26 Son (Tuesday, August 26 14 08:46 pm BST)

    Loft Visit
    My good friend Johan Van Herck from Belgium visited the UK this weekend. He asked me to arrange some loft visits to local ace fanciers. Tony and Lee are one of the strongest lofts in the area and immediately came to mind.

    I contacted Lee at very short notice and he quickly agreed to the visit. Tony and Lee made us extremely welcome and Mrs Painter provided us with a nice cup of tea on arrival.

    Lee spent a couple of hours discussing his systems and showing us around the lofts. Johan was very impressed with both the professional set up and the quality of birds. He has asked me send my thanks to the Painter family.

    Thanks again for a great visit!

  • G.R and D Price (Friday, August 15 14 08:30 pm BST)

    Thank you
    I would like to thank Tony and Lee. They sent me two birds and they won me 5 old bird races - one was a De Meyer cock and one was the son of Welsh Taffy. I have decided to put them as stock birds at the end of this season. Hoping to visit you and your family again soon.
    Many thanks,]
    G.R and D. Price.

  • dean mckee (Sunday, May 11 14 09:29 am BST)

    loft visit
    Would like to thank lee and tony for welcoming me to there lofts who kindly showed me around.the quality of birds was fantastic.also managed to purchase 10 birds for the stock loft which I am sure they will do me proud.Top fanciers with top birds

  • G, R %26 D Price Pontardawe, Swansea (Wednesday, April 30 14 07:46 am BST)

    Just noticed an old comment posted on here that claimed Gareth Price, Port Talbot to of bred champion Taffy (what a cheek)!. This is untrue as G, R %26 D Price, Pontardawe, Swansea have bred champion Taffy.

  • Paul Hardman (Friday, November 15 13 06:13 pm GMT)

    De Meyer's
    Hi Lee %26 Tony
    just a little update on the pigeons i had of you . Well my friend John Swann raced them this year 2013 and won 4x1st club topped amal and combine also other position's with young birds
    Graham Wilde also won with a de meyer x
    and also Tommy Wills got two first with de meyer x so all in all not a bad start with your birds I'm just gutted i could not race them due to house move but i will reap the rewards now i am a in partnership with John .So thanks again for the wonderfull stock a got of you . cheers Paul.

  • Harry Williams (Sunday, September 15 13 11:26 am BST)

    Help and advice
    A huge thanks to Lee and Tony for all the help and advice you gave to me over the last 7/8 months the birds where outstanding being in the shake up every week in a club that is amongst the toughest in liverpool and plenty of amal positions as well as a £1000 prize money that a son of kevs boy won the 1st ever liverpool classic club young bird race . your birds are fantastic lads and a special thanks for the time you took to give me advice through the year nothing seemed to much . I am looking forward to getting the next batch of fibbersley birds


  • Jason (Sunday, August 04 13 03:26 pm BST)

    Loft Visit
    Hi Lee,

    Thanks for your and your parents hospitality this morning. I truly enjoyed my loft visit and seeing your top pigeons.



  • noel raymond (Monday, December 10 12 10:54 pm GMT)

    realley opened new doors enjoyed my view

  • BobDaPaloma (Friday, November 16 12 09:05 am GMT)

    Very Beautiful pigeons
    Your website is very good, but the pigeons are better:P

    I have a youtube-channel about racing pigeons. I would like you watch some videos and do also a comment

    Best regards

  • Saleem (Wednesday, November 07 12 10:38 am GMT)

    Staf Van Reet
    I’m a pigeon fancier since my childhood. In Pakistan my grandfather had pigeons then my father, then me and now my younger brother. I came to UK in 2009 but could not keep pigeons because of space. But recently I have moved to new house that has enough space for pigeons.

    In Pakistan we have racing pigeons but there everything is different like pigeon’s types and colors, training, racing rules, loft designs, weather and feed etc.

    I want to buy couple of sprint breeding pairs and young birds. But I'm really confused about the stains and could not figure it out which one is the best strain to buy. The search I have done so far is that I should buy Staf Van Reet or Roland Janssen (Sprint). Truly speaking I have no idea how to select the best ones.

    I have also asked my brother to send me few good Pakistani strains of racing pigeons and might do some cross breeding once I have started to understand EU pigeons.

    If you have 100% pure breed of these strains for sale please send details by email or contact at my mobile 07956288428.

    Any advice will also be highly appreciated.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation in advance.

  • DAVID JAMES (Monday, June 04 12 07:14 pm BST)

    well done for your two wins at weekend fantastic party at dewdrop plenty porkpie was this becaus of two wins or because marys away on hols

  • jamer (Monday, June 04 12 08:50 am BST)

    well done on your two wins at weekend party at dewdrop fantastic porkpie everywere was it because of wins or because mary away on hols

  • Nick Barran (Friday, March 09 12 05:54 pm GMT)

    Looking good, All the best for the 2012 season.


  • John Roberts (Saturday, January 21 12 03:56 pm GMT)

    Pigeon photos
    Hi lee,
    im always on your website but i cant seem to get your photos up of the pigeons what am i doing wrong.
    thanks John Roberts.

  • jason (Sunday, July 03 11 08:53 pm BST)

    your pigeons
    evening Lee just a quick email to thanks you for all the good information you have been giving me. Also i was well impressed with the quality of you team of bird i hope mine young birds end up the same as your young birds see you in a couple of weeks.

    regards jason

  • Chassidy (Saturday, June 04 11 09:54 am BST)

    Thanks for sharing. What a pesalure to read!

  • P Hardman (Monday, May 02 11 04:33 pm BST)

    Young birds
    Thanks again Tony and Lee for my cracking young birds and for the few hours you took out of your day to spend with me . Also thanks to Mr,s painter for my breakfast cheers have good 2011

  • P Hardman (Monday, May 02 11 05:51 am BST)

    Young birds
    My visit too Tony %26 Lee was to collect my young birds.Which took a good few hours because they just don,t want you too collect them and kick you out the door . they are proud of their pigeons and so they should be they are out of this world . Also thanks to Mr,s Painter for feeding me i did,nt think the food was going to stop coming so thanks again everyone my pigeons are brilliant

  • Rob Walker (Friday, April 01 11 09:37 am BST)

    Thank you
    Visited you awhile back now, I did enjoyed my visit and saw some excellent birds, you both put in a lot of work in with your birds and that shows in the quality of them, they are a credit too you both. Thank you for the loan of the pigeon DVD’s and for giving me a copy of BHW, that book had a photo of a cousin I did not know I had and now I have made contact with him “ Jack Walker from Hednesford “ Thanks lads

    Rob Walker

  • Rob Walker (Friday, April 01 11 09:37 am BST)

    Thank you
    Visited you awhile back now, I did enjoyed my visit and saw some excellent birds, you both put in a lot of work in with your birds and that shows in the quality of them, they are a credit too you both. Thank you for the loan of the pigeon DVD’s and for giving me a copy of BHW, that book had a photo of a cousin I did not know I had and now I have made contact with him “ Jack Walker from Hednesford “ Thanks lads

    Rob Walker

  • tim smith (Saturday, March 26 11 05:58 pm GMT)

    tony/lee, great website,great results from
    your great team of birds .we are pleased with
    the youngsters from your stock birds and we had a very good visit.thanks lads

  • Marco Mattis (Sunday, March 20 11 05:33 pm GMT)

    Hello! Very good homepage and very good pigeons! I wish good results in 2011! Greetings from Germany!
    Marco Mattis

  • Mark Vinnicombe (Tuesday, March 01 11 06:10 pm GMT)

    Well done Tony and Lee a great website and quality birds !!

    All the best for 2011 season.

  • Tony Painter (Tuesday, March 01 11 10:21 am GMT)

    Well done son. You've worked hard on this. Now get that scraper going!

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