We're now in a position to open our order books for YB in 2018!



These are always popular and in high demand so please call or email us with your requirements. A small deposit secures your order. In 2018 we'll be able to exclusively offer YB from our "CHILDREN OF THE CHAMPIONS" loft. This is an extra-special loft that we've erected in the last few months. The purpose of this loft is to work with young, fresh children of our established and most proven breeders. There will also be a represenation of some fresh blood in this loft too (some of which are highlighted below). 


Prices for YB from "CHILDREN OF THE CHAMPIONS" loft is £70 each which we feel is really good value. Same goes for YB from the racing loft. They are priced at £70 each too.


Prices for children from the Stock vary depending on what you want them out of. Please ask...




In 2018 we shall be working with a very small but very select bunch of Stefaan Lambrecht / Dirk Van Den Bulck's. These have cost an arm and a leg but the quality of what we have at Stock is jaw-dropping.



We have a FULL SISTER to Les Green's fabulous cock "CHAS". This 2015 cock has 7 x 1st and 2 x 1st Central Lancashire Combine victories to his name. Father of our hen (and "CHAS") is a half-brother to Stefaan Lambrecht's "LINCIA" - KBDB Champion with the lowest ever co-efficient in Belgium history. Mother of our hen (and "CHAS") is a G-Daughter of "BROER GOEDE RODE", "40000", "BLAUWE GERT" and "VAN LOOCK DUIVIN".  All world famous breeders in their own right


We have a hen who's father is a HALF-BROTHER to "LINCIA" the brilliant Stefaan Lambrecht's Champion when he was mated to a half-sister of "KITTEL"


We have a hen who's father is a FULL BROTHER to "OLYMPIC ROSITA". She's the mother of "KITTEL"


We have a hen who's mother is a DIRECT DAUGHTER of "GREIPEL" the crack full brother of "KITTEL"


We have a cock who's father is a DIRECT SON of "KITTEL"


These birds will be blended into the absolute cream of our Painter De Meyer family. We'll be looking at putting these hens into the likes of "THE GOLDEN COCK", "VAN PERSIE", "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY", "JUMBO", "FRANKEL" and possibly "KEV'S BOY" (Depending on his fertility)




For the 2018 season we are delighted to be working with 9 direct pigeons that were bred by Alex Docx. These birds are going to be a real revelation and we can't wait to put them into our Painter De Meyer's.  Alex is a really really small team fancier. He only races 12 widowhood cocks, a small team of YB and only a few pairs at Stock - so competition for boxes is RED HOT. We're very optimistic about the future with these birds.



By the same token we must now announce to our friends and interested parties alike that in 2017 we took the opportunity to race a little batch of 6 YB from "The Maestro of Mechelen" David Peters. One young cock in 2017 won 2 x 1st and 1 x 3rd (beaten by loftmates). He was also provisionally 12th Open in the MCC Portland YB race. A real trier this cock!!


  This cock is a Grandson of "PITBULL" of Karel Laernens.


So pleased are we with the David Peters pigeons that 6 more have made their way into our breeding programme for 2018! We carry the lines of "PITBULL", "POPEMIEKE", "ZWARTE GESCHELPT", "DE VECHTER" and "GOEI DIKKE" really prominently!!



For the 2018 season we've decided to retire our crack racing cock "JUMBO" and place him to Stock. He's simply too important and too valuable to us to continue risking him on the road. This West Midlands Region Award winner is a DIRECT SON of one of our other West Midlands Region Award winners ("ROBIN VAN PERSIE"). We believe that "JUMBO" will have a similar impact on our breeding lofts. He's a stunning specimen and destined for the very top we feel.



For the 2018 breeding season we are really excited about the prospect of working with a DIRECT SON from "The No.1 Pair" of Kris Wynants at Gordon Bros & Sons in Northern Ireland. Since the Gordon's introduced this pair they've never looked back and "The No.1 Pair" are responsible for masses of winners against thousands of birds for the partnership.They must truly be one of the best pairs of pigeons out there at this moment in time. Our son is a FANTASTIC specimen and we cannot wait to cross him into the cream of our Painter De Meyer collection.



Recently we have introduced 2 hens from our great friends and local partnership Morris & Booker. This partnership are most famous for their crack pair of racers "CHAMPION FULL SET" and "PINK EYES". This fantastic pair of pigeons won 25 x 1st prizes between them before being retired as YEARLINGS. They've since gone on to produce winners at Club, Federation and Gold Ring level.


We're very pleased with our 2 DIRECT DAUGHTERS of "CHAMPION FULL SET" x "PINK EYES" and we look forward to blending them into our Painter De Meyer collection.





We have YB available from most of our birds in 2018. Please use the options on the "CONTACT US" page and we'd be delighted to help


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