Not updated this for a while - lack of time - sorry


One notable piece of feedback is very well done to Mr Cornes on winning 1st Hurst Hill Breeder Buyer winning £1925.00 to be split 50-50.


The winner was bred here at Fibbersley Lofts.


Father is a DIRECT SON of "THE GOLDEN COCK" when he was mated to a direct daughter of "FULL SET" x "PINK EYES"


The Dam is "FAIR EVA" our super super direct daughter of Aramis the Heeres superstar. These are fantastic winning genes!



Multiple organisations were liberated together at Carentan on this day and we believe the pigeon we bred was 2nd fastest overall






Well done Davis Wright & Sons on winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd this weekend. The 3 all carry our lines. Featuring are "THE GOLDEN COCK", "VAN PERSIE" and "KIND" (She's the Dam of "FRANKEL"


Thanks to Carl Rowledge and very well done on winning 1st & 2nd this weekend. The winner is a G.Child of "DAZZLER" x "FARVEEN"




JUNE 2018



The reigning "De Duif" Champions of the UK are

Prince Bros of Cheadle.

They have 4 pigeons of ours that are all breeding winners.


One is in the breeding of 16Z05636

In 2018 it's a winner of

1st Section I NFC Coutances (272 miles)

1st Staffordshire Moorlands Federation Hullavington

2nd Staffordshire Moorlands Federation Yeovil (Beat by a loftmate)


Great flying lads!


Many Congratulations to Leo Conran on his outstanding form of late in Southern Ireland.


In the last few weeks he has a cock win


2nd National and 4th National just a couple of weeks apart. 


Clearly a pigeon in super form!


The father of this outstanding pigeon was purchased from ourselves at Fibbersley Lofts


Great flying Leo!




Davis Wright & Sons


Thank you and well done on your 6th Open Burton & Derby Federation from Yeovil on the 16th June.   The timer carries the bloodlines of "GOLDEN COCK" and "KEV'S BOY"




Well done to our friends McGimpsey Bros with another performance to be proud of


1st Section F, 64th Open against 1627 birds in the NIPA Roscarberry Yearling Cocks National


Once again it was the “SNOW FAIRY” bloodlines coming to the fore. This time a G.Son claiming the Section victory



Mr & Mrs K Lycett


A fantastic update from our friends in Rugeley. They are the outright winners of 1st Section and 1st Open North Midlands Continental Club Fougeres. These birds were brought back and liberated from Portland on Tuesday morning.


The winner was actually bred by ourselves at Fibbersley Lofts and she's now called "PITBULL QUEEN".


Her father is the RPRA Award winner "JUMBO" whilst the mother is one of our direct Aerts hens. This hen bred 1st Section for ourselves a few weeks ago. She's full of class this hen


"PITBULL QUEEN" wins £646.00, a new ETS system and a Gold Medal for her efforts. Her outstanding performance saw her win this race (105 members sent 1,034 birds) by a clear margin of 4 minutes 43 seconds




Don Green


Fantastic news from Don. He is the winner of 1st and 2nd Club, 1st and 2nd Federation, 1st and 4th UBI Combine Falaise. 190 members sent 2,279 birds. The Sire of 1st Combine was acquired by Don direct from ourselves at Fibbersley Lofts. Great effort Don!




Kenny Armstrong


Well done on winning 3rd Section H, 156th Open in the NIPA 5 Bird Fermoy. The timer carries the bloodlines of "THE GOLDEN COCK" x "VOETS HEN"



Congratulations to McGimpsey Bros on winning 1st and 5th Section F in the competitive NIPA 5 Bird Fermoy race on 9th June. Both timers are direct sons of "SNOW FAIRY". You can see her exploits below. She's a direct daughter of "KEV'S BOY" x "FIBBERSLEY QUEEN".  Both these outstanding breeders are still at Stock with us and continue to produce the goods




MAY 2018


McGimpsey Bros

fly in Section F of the NIPA. Below is what they’ve achieved with a direct daughter of


Below are the performances achieved in this loft alone attributed to one hen. When you see them please remember these do NOT include anything that any other loft has achieved with this bloodline.

“KEV’S BOY” and “FIBBERSLEY QUEEN” are both still at Stock and regularly producing fantastic birds for us.  For example

 “BOSSY BOOTS” is a direct daughter of “KEV’S BOY”


“FIBBERSLEY PRINCESS” our 1st Open MCC winner is a direct daughter of “FIBBERSLEY QUEEN”


McGimpsey Bros performances with the offspring of ONE hen

1st CLUB, 1st SECTION F, 4th OPEN NIPA ROSCARBERRY 11,234 birds!

1st CLUB 1st AREA LIB NAVAN 853 birds

1st CLUB 1st SECTION F 1,160 birds TULLAMORE (His brother was 2nd Section)

1st CLUB 1st SECTION F ROSCREA 1,530 birds (His brother was 2nd Section)

1st CLUB 1st SECTION F 99th OPEN NIPA Roscarberry OB NATIONAL5,600 birds

1st Club 254 birds, 1st Section F 984 birds Mullingar

1st Club, 1st Section F NIPA 5 Bird Fermoy

1st Club, 1st Section F, 64th Open NIPA Roscarberry Yearling National 1,627 birds

1st CLUB 6th SECTION F NIPA Roscarberry Yearling Cocks NATIONAL

1st Club 285 birds, 4th Section F 1,128 birds.

1st Club, 1st Section F, 22nd OPEN NIPA Yearling Cocks National 250 miles, 1,500 birds (This race has a 10 bird limit) vel 1264

1st Club 5th Section F from Bude 265 miles

1st Club, 8th Section F Fermoy vel 1885

2nd club, 3rd Section F 101st Open NIPA Fermoy 5544 birds

2nd Club 3rd Section F NIPA 5 bIrd Fermoy (beaten by his brother)

2nd Club 4th Section F Fermoy vel 1086

2nd Club 7th Section F Yearling Cocks National

2nd Club 13th Section F NIPA Roscarberry OB National vel 1786

2nd CLUB, 2nd SECTION F ROSCREA 1,530 birds (Beaten by his brother above)

2nd CLUB 2nd SECTION F 1,160 birds (Beaten by his brother above)

2nd club Tullamore 285 birds

3rd Club, 9th Section F Tullamore vel 1586

4th Club 255 birds, 5th Section F Tullamore 1,160 birds vel 1292. His 2 half-brothers racing to our lofts were 1st and 2nd Section F that day in that race.

4th Club 263 birds, 7th Section F 1,530 birds Roscrea vel 1368. Again, 2 half-brothers to this cock were 1st and 2nd Section F that day in that race.

4th CLUB 30th Section F Tullamore

4th CLUB Fermoy 5 Bird

5th Club 11th Section F Roscarberry (His brother was 1st Section F 4th OPEN NIPA in this race 11,234 birds!)

6th CLUB 27th SECTION F 1,836 birds Pilmore Beach207 miles

6th Club 265 birds, 14th Section F Roscrea 1,085 birds, 143 miles

6th Club 177 birds, 19th Section F 748 birds, 77th OPEN NIPA 13,884 birds. Vel 1679 (124 miles)

7th Club 209 birds, 8th Section F 1,136 birds Roscrea 143 miles vel 1407




Cath & Ken Lycett : 

Well done on provisionally winning 9th Section 16th Open in the very tough North Midlands Continental Classic race from Carentan - a race where returns were horrific. Their timer was a direct daughter of "CHAMPION EDDY". This same hen won 4th Federation just 2 weeks ago.  "EDDY" carries our "Champion Willenhall Warrior" bloodlines





Ken Armstrong


1st Section H, 1,323 birds.  71st Open NIPA Fermoy 20,910 birds with a Grandson of “TRY MY BEST” – He is a FULL BROTHER to “VAN PERSIE”.


The week before this, on the 19th May Ken won 1st Section 1st Open NIPA Roscarberry National against 6,327 birds. Well done Ken!  Whilst his winner was not carrying our lines his 2nd timer that finished 14th Open NIPA National 6,327 birds was also a Grandson of “TRY MY BEST” – He’s a FULL BROTHER to VAN PERSIE



Marty Garrity


Recently reports being 5th Federation in the Liverpool area recently. Well done Marty!



McGimpsey Bros


4th Section F on 26th May 2016 against 1,148 birds. Yet again it’s a timer carrying the “SNOW FAIRY” lines. She’s a direct daughter of “KEV’S BOY” x “FIBBERSLEY


Craig Stokes

has been in touch with the following results from the Beechdale Club this season (2018)

1st, 2nd and 3rd Frome

3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th Blandford forum

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Purbeck

1st, 3rd and 5th Purbeck

1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Portland


Craig particularly likes the lines of "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" and the wonder that is our "FRANKEL"

Keep up the good work Craig!


McGimpsey Bros

confirm on the 12th May that they are 3rd Section F 1,093 birds with a son of "SNOW FAIRY" once again. Remember, she is a direct daughter of "KEV'S BOY" x "FIBBERSLEY QUEEN"


Cath & Ken Lycett

of Rugeley confirm being 2nd, 4th, 13th and 15th Open Burton & Derby Federation against 2,556 birds on 5th May. The first 3 timers all carry our bloodlines from "Champion Willenhall Warrior"


Frank Hood -

Many congratulations and thank you for reporting your 1st Federation winner to us. This one carries the bloodlines of the fabulous "CHAMPION HARRY'S BOY" x Aerts Bros lines. This is now confirmed as 1st Federation 2,000+ Birds. 1st Section 6,000 + birds

Brilliant Frank! Thanks for giving us the feedback!


McGimpsey Bros -

Another winner from their terrific breeding hen "SNOW FAIRY" won from Fermoy on 5th May 2018


Davis Wright & Sons -

Congratulations on your recent win from Frome and we're delighted that "FIBBERSLEY BABE" is already showing fantastic potential


T & D Fearn -

Congratulations on your win from Hullavington with one direct from "FIBBERSLEY SILVER"


Harry Williams -

Well done on winning on 5th May with your Aerts Bros bloodlines winner from Frome


Alistair McGuiness -

Very well done on your recent win and fine form so far this year up in Scotland


Cath & Ken Lycett -

Very well done on your incredible form in 2018 so far. 3 races at Hill Ridware in the Burton & Derby Federation - 3 wins. Not out of the top 7 in the Federation yet. 2nd 4th and 7th Federation, 7th and 8th Federation etc.. Virtually all carrying the "Champion Eddy" bloodlines. The Dam of "Champion Eddy" was bred here


MAY 2016

Cath & Ken Lycett win 1st Club by 4 minutes, 1st Burton & Derby Fed Kingsdown by over 3 and a half minutes! Their timer is "LEE" a cock named after myself that carries our "Willenhall Warrior" bloodlines on the Dam side. "LEE" is full brother to their "CHAMPION EDDY" winner of 16 x 1st, West Midlands Region Sprint Champion 2013

APRIL 2016 (continued)

Gordon Bros & Sons are on the phone again to report a grandson of "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" was recently the winner of 1st Club, 1st Federation, 1st Section, 1st Open East Down Combine from Fermoy. No idea as to the birdage as yet, but it will be over 4,000! This is the same cock that was 5th Open against 2,611 birds earlier in the year beaten by a couple of loftmates going through the trap

APRIL 2016 (continued)

Cath & Ken Lycett of Rugeley take 1,2,3,4,5,6 from Cheltenham. All of heir timers possess our De Meyer and Champion Taffy bloodlines

Barry Irving of Cumbria wins 1,2,3,4,5 Club, 1,2,3,4,5 Fed, 1,2,3,4,5 Amal in Cumbria against 2600 birds. We believe a new Amal record! The 2nd Amal winner is a Grand-child of our "GOLDEN COCK", "VOETS HEN" and our top class Frans Zwols hen "FIBBERSLEY TRUKE". The 5th Amal winner is also a Grand-Child of "THE GOLDEN COCK" and "VOETS HEN"

Dean McKee again in the winners enclosure winning 1st, 3rd and 5th. The winner is 2 minutes clear and is of "RVP" (VAN PERSIE) bloodlines.

Gordon Bros & Sons are on FIRE in Northern Ireland. A direct daughter of "TAFFY" has bred 5th Section, 5th Combine, 4th Section 4th Combine already in 2016

APRIL 2016

So, the 2016 season is here again. Thanks to the following who reported winners to us the first week - 9th April 2016

Craig Stokes - 1st club 4th Wolverhampton Federation 3,012 birds

Dean McKee. 1st & 2nd Club - 2 together being timed in on T3. One of them was a Painter De Meyer that's already won 2 x 1st

Gordon Bros & Sons. A Grand-Son of "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" wins 3rd Club (beaten by 2 loftmates), 3rd Federation, 5th East Section, 5th Open East Down Combine 2611 birds Tullamore (119 miles)


Happy New Year!

Here's an update from Gordon Bros & Sons of Northern Ireland. They purchased a nest-pair of cocks from us as babies in 2011. Here's what these 2 cocks called "PICASSO" and "REMBRANDT" have bred. Pretty impressive nest-pair I'm sure you'll agree. They are our "Painter De Meyer" family


1st Club, 1st Federation 1st Section Tullamore 4,313 birds

2nd Open Tullamore 6,456 birds

2nd Club 2nd Federation 2nd Section 2,599 birds

2nd Open Mullingar 3,789 birds

9th Section Navan 4,313 birds

10th Section Nenagh 3,170 birds

10th Open Nenagh 4,652 birds

12th Section Navan 4,313 birds

12th Open Navan 6,456 birds

19th Section Neneagh 3,170 birds

19th Open Nenagh 4652 birds

20th Open Navan 4,173 birds

22nd Section Nenagh 1,117 birds

24th Navan 3087 birds

26th Open Tullamore

31st Open Nenagh 1,841 birds

33rd Open Navan 5,416 birds

33rd Tullamore 5,243 birds

34th Open Navan 5,696 birds

39th Open Navan 5,696 birds

40th Open Navan 5,6 96 birds

His nest-brother "REMBRANDT" has bred :

1st Club Tullamore

4th Section Navan 2,801 birds

4th Section Tullamore 3,703 birds

7th Open Navan 4,051 birds

10th Section Tullamore 3,494 birds

10th Open Tullamore 5,243 birds

10th Section Tullamore 3,974 birds

11th Section Tullamore 3,494 birds

11th Open Tullamore 5,243 birds

11th Open Tullamore 5,727 birds

13th Section Nenagh 3,430 birds

15th Section Nenagh 1,117 birds

15th Open Nenagh 1,841 birds

16th Section Nenagh 3,170 birds

16th Open Nenagh 4,652 birds

18tth Section Nenagh 3,170 birds

18th Open Nenagh 4,652 birds

18th Open Tullamore 5,613 birds

19th Open Navan 4,173 birds

23rd Open Navan 4,173 birds

25th Open Fermoy 5,707 birds

32nd Tullamore 5,243 birds

37th Open 5,522 birds


Apologies for no updates of late. It's been a busy period and even now I cannot begin to thank all those fanciers who've contacted us of late. A sample of the fedback we've received of late comes from Liverpool where Kelly and Devine have won over £500 in the last 2 weeks with a YB bred by us here at Fibbersley Lofts. This youngster carries the bloodlines of Van Persie, Taffy, The Voets Hen and The Golden Cock for example.

McGimpsey Bros hve another winner out of their Goldmine breeding hen SNOW FAIRY. This time a young son (not raced on darkness) wins 1st Club 4th Section F 1,122 birds

We gave an egg to Ken Lycett of Rugeley in April. This young cock won 10th Federation almost 2,000 birds last week

Gordon Bros and sons in Northern Ireland have loads of top Club, Fed, Section and Open positions of late with our De Meyer and Taffy bloodlines.

JUNE 2015

It's been a busy month and the phone has kept ringing. Apologies if I have missed anybody. 

Congratulations to our friends M & D Vinnicombe on winning 1st Wolverhampton Federation Kingsdown (31 Clubs sent over 2,100 birds). Their winner is one of their own Frans Zwols when crossed into our ace racer/breeder De Meyer "Oily Rag".

McGimpsey Bros have a yearling cock called "Dick Turpin" of our De Meyer family (Kevs Boy x Fibbersley Queen). This cock earlier in the year had 2 x 2nd Section F (only beaten by his older full brother - obviously our blood again). "Dick Turpin" though has just won 1st Section F 4th Open NIPA against 11,234 birds!

Gordon Bros & Sons in N.Ireland report they have a hen flying well across the channel carrying our De Meyer bloodlines. In recent weeks she has won 6th Open EDC from Talbenny and 13th Open EDC from Penzance

Cath and Ken Lycett of Rugeley report winning 1st and 3rd Club, 5th and 8th Open Burton & Derby Fed from Carentan with a couple of yearling hens. These hens also scooped over £300 in the Fed Championship race. These hens carry our "Olympic Taffy" and "Willenhall Warrior" blood.

McGimpsey Bros again report winning 2nd Club 3rd Sect F from Talbenny, 1st Bude and 1st Club Penzance 9h Section F. This yearling cock is a G.Son of "The Golden Pair" (Golden Cock x Voets hen).

Seabridge & Brian claim 1st Open Staffs Moorlands Fed Yeovl 1,656 birds and we hear it's our De Meyer blood again.

Congrats to one and all and thanks for the feedback!!

May 2015

Many thanks and congratulations to our friends Cath and Ken Lycett of Rugeley. They call to confirm that "Champion Eddy" who carries our "Willenhall Warrior" blood has won again. This time he was 1st Frome 323 birds and now confirmed as 1st Open Burton and Derby Federation against 2,773 birds. That's 10 x 1st Clubs and 5 x 1st Open Federations now for "Champion Eddy". What a pigeon!!

May 2015

Thanks to McGimpsey Bros in Newtownards for reporting another dominant Section win in Section F of the NIPA. 3 sons of Snow Fairy (Kevs Boy x Fibbersley Queen) take 1st 2nd and 7th Section over 1500 birds. These same 3 cocks were 1st 2nd and 5th Section in the first race of the year!

APRIL 2015

Dai Price and Family win again with a half-sister to our ace racing cock "Frankel". Also Cath & Ken Lycett of Rugeley take 2nd place over 350 birds against the wind with a full brother to "Champion Eddy"

APRIL 2015

Well done to our friends Ed and Norman McGimpsey of Newtownards in N.Ireland. Racing from Tullamore at the weekend against almost 20,000 birds the lads win 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th Club and 1st, 2nd, 5th and 7th in Section F of this huge organisation. The first 3 home are all direct sons of "Snow Fairy" the hen that we bred direct from "Kev's Boy" x "Fibbersley Queen". "Snow Fairy" has now bred 4 x 1st Section F winners.

APRIL 2015

Well done to Barry Irving who has started on the winning track straight away. Barry looks like being 5th Federation, 5th Amal against approx 3,500 birds and has 7 in the top 40 of the Amalgamation. The winner is carrying the bloodlines of our "Kev's Boy" and "Fibbersley Queen"

APRIL 2015

Thanks and well done to Dai Price and Family on winning 1st and 2nd at the weekend. The winner was a phenomenal 9 minutes clear and is out of a full sister to "Champion Olympic Taffy". Remember, these were the lads that bred "Taffy" for us for which we are eternally grateful. The 2nd prize-winner also carries our blood too. Well done!

APRIL 2015

A new season and already the phone has started ringing. Thank you to Craig Stokes for informing us of his 2nd place with a G.G Son of our Champion racer/breeder "Olympic Taffy". A little further down in the "July 2014" you'll see an outstanding racing hen to the lofts of Owen, Joesbury & Son. This same G.Daughter of "Champion Olympic Taffy" has started the season well claiming 2nd Hill Top with this super hen.


Congratulations to Leo Conran of Kilkenny in Ireland. He reports winning 3rd South Section in the Irish National Flying Club race from Skibereen recently. He's also topped the South Road Central Fed a couple of times this season with our De Meyers crossed into his own family. Well done Leo!


Latest update from Harry Williams in Liverpool "In the last 2 weeks your pigeons have won me a total of £1,850.00. 3rd & 4th Liverpool Classic (£400), 5th in the Leigh Arms Gold Ring (£300) and 3rd in the Pirrie Gold Ring (£1,150), plus if I added all the pool money and club prizes to come your birds have already paid for themselves in their first year!!"

JULY 2014

Young Bird racing has started and already the phone is ringing. Thank you to the following who've reported success with our bloodlines :

Harry Williams is at it again winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd Club (Liverpool Amal result to follow). All 3 are our De Meyers featuring the blood of "THE VOETS HEN", "THE GOLDEN COCK" and "VAN PERSIE"

Gordon Bros and sons in N.Ireland have had multiple pigeons feature in the top 40 Open of the East Down Combine already this season. It's our De Meyer blood that's being timed there.

John Swann has so far won all 3 YB races that he's competed in. In the first race it was "OILY RAG" bloodlines (De Meyer) and in the 2nd race it's the ZARA blood (again De Meyer) that was to the front.

Mr Dickenson called to report 1st Club 2nd South West Cheshire Federation. Here's an example of how good our De Meyers are. The father of this Federation winner won 1st Federation (over 4,000 birds) for ourselves earlier this year. He's a direct son of "VAN PERSIE" who himself of course is no stranger to 1st Federation. That's 3 consecutive generations of 1st Federation winners there. To breed the Fed winner, the son of "VAN PERSIE" was mated to a daughter of the one and only "OLYMPIC TAFFY". Please refer to the "TAFFY" page for a list of his endless performances!

JULY 2014

More news from Harry! The winner of 1st Liverpool Amal (below) is now confirmed as being 1st Open North West Combine Messac (395 miles). The winner was bred here, by us and wins the North West Combine by over 3 minutes. 262 members sent 1,362 birds. The mother of this winner carries our Frans Zwols blood.

Very well done to our good friend Harry Williams of Maghull, Liverpool. On Monday 7th July he timed in a yearling to win 1st Club 1st Liverpool Amal Messac (395 miles - velocity 1407). The winner was bred here and carries our Frans Zwols bloodlines. Harry was also 2nd Amal too. Ace flying!!

News reaches us of one of the best sprint hens in the West Midlands this season. She races to the partnership of Owen, Joesbury & Son and she carries part blood of our "Olympic Taffy". She's won 1st prizes in 3 different Clubs this year, racing in 3 different Federations. This season she's a winner of :

1st Super Club 107 birds. 1st Greets Green 153 birds. 1st Hill Top 89 birds

2nd Greets Green 126 birds. 6th Hill Top 129 birds.

2nd Section Wolverhampton Federation 2,124 birds

4th Worcester Federation 2,536 birds

5th Wolverhampton Federation 4,224 birds

8th Heart of England Federation 1,561 birds

11th Black Country 3 Bird Open 84 birds.

Another good winner is reported from Cath & Ken Lycett of Rugeley who win 1st Club 2nd Burton & Derby Federation from Frome. The timer here also carries our "Olympic Taffy" blood. The niece of "Taffy" that they have, in 2 seasons has bred 2nd Federation, 2nd Federation, 3rd Federation, 5th Federation, 5th Federation etc.

M & D Vinnicombe reported winning with our "Oily Rag" (De Meyer) bloodlines recently. Well done lads!

JUNE 2014

More winners reported :

Congratulations to Cath & Ken Lycett and the sensational sprint cock "Eddy" who continues to win. Last week this cock won 1st Club 1st Open Burton & Derby Federation. This means that this 2013 West Midlands Sprint Champion has now got 7 x 1st Clubs and 4 x 1st Federations to his name. The mother of "Eddy" came fromo ur loft and is a g.daughter of "Willenhall Warrior".

Congratulations too to McKenna Bros with a cracking victory of 1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Federation with a g.child of "The Golden Pair" (Golden Cock x Voets Hen). Well done lads!!

We're delighted to report more winners with our bloodlines recently. These include :

Thank you to Harry Williams of Maghull DHS in Liverpool for informing us of his fantastic 2nd, 5th and 15th Liverpool Amal from Falaise (339 miles). The 3rd of his timers is his direct son of our ace De Meyer racer/breeder "Kev's Boy". This yearling cock had almost 7 and a half hours on the wing for 15th Amal

Craig Stokes winning with our De Meyer blood. This cock now has 1 x 1st and 2 x 2nds to his credit. Also Dave Taylor wins 1st Club 1st Shropshire Fed with our blood.

A cracking hen bred by us continue to do well in Northern Ireland for McGimpsey Bros of Newtownards. The "Snow Fairy" hen is a direct daughter of "Kevs Boy" and "Fibbersley Queen". She's now bred 3 x 1st Section F winners in the mighty NIPA!

MAY 2014

We received welcome reports of Joe Fannin winning multiple 1st Federations with our bloodlines. We are also aware that Cath & Ken Lycett's West Midlands Region Sprint Champion of 2013 has already hit the winning trail again in 2014. McKenna Bros also report 3rd Mid Tyne Federation with Willenhall Warrior bloodlines

APRIL 2014

Many thanks to the following fanciers who have already been in touch already reporting the following successes in the 2014 season

Gordon Bros & Sons in Northern Ireland claim 1st Section 2185 birds, 1st Open 3297 birds in a race from Mullingar with the East Down Combine. It was a result the lads dominated, and the 1st Open winner is a 50% De Meyer carrying our blood when crossed into their own fabulous Gaby's.

McKenna Bros from the NE of England win 1st Combine with our Willenhall Warrior blood. Remember, the Warrior blood features in the breeding of Cath Lycett's 2013 West Midlands Region Sprint Champion "Eddy" winer of 8 x 1st as a yearling.

McGimpsey Bros of Newtownards already report a promising widower carrying our De Meyer blood. In week 1 he was 19th Section F and 77th Open in the NIPA against 13,884 birds. In Week 2 he comes again to record 8th Section F against 1,186 birds.

Harry Williams of Maghull in Liverpool wins 8th Open Liverpool Amal from Hereford against 2,087 birds with our De Meyer blood.


Thanks to Steve Foster of Barnsley for updating us with his results. In 2013 he wins 10 x 1st prizes courtesy mainly of our De Meyers. The birds doing the damage for Steve carry the blood of "OILY RAG", "THE VOETS HEN", "KEV'S BOY" and "THE GOLDEN COCK". Thanks Steve!


We hear wonderful news from our friends in Rugeley Cath and Ken Lycett. Their wonderful yearling cock "Eddy" that won 5 x 1st clubs and 3 x 1st Federations in 2013 (and bred a 1st Federation winner for them too) has crowned an amazing year by winning the Overall West Midlands Region Sprint Champion Award in the 0-250 miles category! We're proud to say that the mother of "Eddy" was bred and raced at our lofts and was introduced to the Lycett lofts directly from ourselves. Very well done - we are thrilled!


Our phone has been very busy with reports of some superb performances from fanciers winning well with our lines. Many Thanks for letting us know!

Barry Irving of Cumbria wins 1st Club, 1st Fed, 1st Amal Stafford with a Blue Pied hen that was carrying some of our De Meyer lines. 

Not to be out-done the nestmate to the pigeon that bred the above Amal winner has also recently produced 1st Breeder Buyer for Barry winning in excess of £700 - again its our De Meyer lines.

John Swann of Leigh in Lancashire reports 1st Club, 1st North West Cheshire Amal, 1st Two Counties Combine! Once again it's the super De Meyer's doing the business.

Cath & Ken Lycett report 1st Club 1st Burton & Derby Federation. This is their 4th Federation win of the season and every one has carried our Staf Van Reet x Cattrysse bloodlines.

Gordon Bros & Sons are absolutely on fire in the East Down Combine winning 1st Open for the last 4 weeks. Virtually every week our De Meyers are in the clock taking Open positions in the East Down Combine. Last week our lines were 3rd East Section 3rd Open Mount Charles when they had 6 drop together to take 1,2,3,4,5,6 Open

John Swann of Leigh again reports another 1st Club 1st Amal! Breeding details to follow 

August 2013

Thanks again for fanciers informing us of their success.

Harry Williams wins approx £1,000 with his 1st Open Liverpool Classic winner from Bedhampton. This fine De Meyer YB was purchased from us earlier this year and is direct from "Kev's Boy". Well done Harry!

Alistair McInness in Scotland wins with our Van Reet x Cattrysse lines by approx 5 minutes!

Gordon Bros & Sons are flying exceptionally well in the East down Combine in Northern Ireland. Every week our lines are in the clock. This week just gone our blood is in their 2nd Open winner.

McCormick & Gray are 1st & 2nd in the Millisle Club. Both dropped together, one carring our De Meyer blood.

Cath & Ken Lycett report their YB's scoring every week so far, and every week its our Van Reet x Cattrysse blood that's clocked.

July 2013

Again we thank those fanciers for letting us know of their success with our lines. Here are a few recent examples.

Gordon Bros & Son in N.Ireland win 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10th Section against in excess of 3,000 birds. The winner of 1st Club and 1st Section carries our "Van Persie" lines.

McGimpsey Bros of Newtownards in N.Ireland also claimed 1,2,3,4 Club on Saturday and have the leading velocity in Section F of the NIPA. Again their timer carries our De Meyer blood - this time "Kev's Boy" lines.

New has reached us of a truly outstanding yearling cock racing to the lofts of Cath & Ken Lycett of Rugeley. This cock in 2013 as a yearling has won 5 x 1st Clubs and 3 x 1st Open Burton & Derby Federation. Even more amazing is that his 3 Federation wins have been on a West, East and Southerly wind! We're proud to say that the mother of this cock came from our loft. She carries the cream of our Van Reet, Soontjen and Cattrysse blood (Willenhall Warrior lines) and she was chosen especially to mate to their old Gaby blood to produce this outstanding yearling cock.

June 2013

Thank you to the fanciers who've been in touch. I have many updates and here are just a few:

McGimpsey Bros in N.Ireland win 1st and 2nd Section in the Yearling Cocks National. The first timer is 100% our De Meyer lines (Van Persie x Kev's Boy) whilst the 2nd timer is a half-brother to the Section winner! These 2 yearling cocks won 22nd and 82nd Open in an unfavourable wind. Great flying lads!

Cath & Ken Lycett of Rugeley are only recently back in the sport but already have a yearling cock this year with 3 x 1st to his name. The Sire is their own old Gaby blood, whilst the mother is one of our hens carrying the Willenhall Warrior and Van Reet bloodlines. 

The Taffy blood continues to win and we're delighted that it's continuing to do well - especially for his breeders Dai Price and family. The breeders of our ace "Olympic Taffy" had a son recently win on the East route by approx 80 ypm from over 200 miles. Thanks once again lads!

George Crosby of Essington continues to report 1st prize-winners and other card winners with "Olympic Taffy" blood

Thanks to McKenna Bros from the NE for continuing to update us with their fine results of pigeons carrying our lines. I will update these soon.

APRIL 2013

Congratulations to our friend George Crosby of Essington on winning 1st Wolves Federation Frome against 3,826 birds with a Grand-Son of OLYMPIC TAFFY

Congratulations to Gordon Bros & Son who win 6th & 10th Open with 2 of our De Meyer sisters. The hen that wins 10th Open now has a 6th Open, 8th open and 10th Open East Down Combine.

Congratulations to Mark & Dennis Vinnicombe on winning 2 races at the weekend with our De Meyer blood.

August 2012

Throughout the year we've been delighted to hear that our bloodlines have being doing well for other fanciers. Thank you for keeping us updated! In recent weeks McKenna Bros have been in touch to tell us that our De Meyer bloodlines have provided them with a 1st Federation win in the Mid Tyne Fed.

We also offer our congratulations to D Taylor of Kidderminster who won 1st Band A 6th Open in the Midlands Continental Classic YB race from Carentan scooping a lovely £728.30! Again this was our De Meyer blood.

On the same day former MNFC and MCC Secretaries Cath and Ken Lycett called us to tell us that in their first proper season back in the Sport a hen that we had let them have the loan of had bred them a provisional 12th Open in the North Midlands Classic YB Carentan race too. This hen carries a lot of our old Staf Van Reet bloodlines.

M & D Vinnicombe, Andy Booty and Gordon Bros and Sons in Northern Ireland are just a few other examples of lofts who have provided us with valuable feedback of our bloodlines being in the clock and doing well for them. Thanks lads!!

August 2011

Thanks to John Schofield of St Helens for informing us that a YB that we bred this year from our De Meyers has just won 1st club 1st Merseyside Federation 1700+ birds from Woollaston. Fantastic flying John!

July 2011

Thanks to Mr Eddie Holdcroft for informing us that his winner of 1st Open North Staffs Fed Portland was carrying our Staf Van Reet blood!

April 2011 :

Gordon Bros and sons of Portaferry in N.Ireland have been on the phone to us. They only have a couple of birds carrying our lines in their OB team, but one yearling Grand-Daughter of our De Meyer superstar "OILY RAG" (1st Open 6,000 birds etc) has already won 1st club 14th Section and 2nd Club 20th Section 20th Open in 2011 for them!

** Updates 18th July 2010 ** There are several updates to make that spring to mind.

 1. Thank you and congratulations to George Crosby of Essington in the West Midlands for informing us that his winner of 2nd Section 8th Open in the MCC Fougeres race was a G.Child of our Double Region Award winner "Champion Taffy".

 2. Thank you and congratulations to Gavin Purchase on being the provisional winner of 3rd Section 5th Open in the North Midlands Classic from Saintes (480+ miles) with a G.Child of our other Region Award winner "Champion Willenhall Warrior".

3. Thank you and congratulations to Gordon Bros and Sons of Portaferry in Northern Ireland who kick off their 2010 YB season in good style by winning 1st Club Navan (and likely top 15 Open) with a G.Child of our Lightning fast De Meyer Super Sprinter "Kev's Boy"

** UPDATE 2nd July 2010 **

Congratulations to A Baddams & Son of the Woodcross Club. Flying in the Wolverhampton Fed on Saturday from Messac (327 miles) they win 1st Club, 1st Section 1st Wolverhampton Fed (35 Clubs sent 1,629 birds). Thank you for informing us that the mother of this pigeon was purchased from us here at FIBBERSLEY LOFTS. Cracking flying lads! 

** UPDATE 23rd June 2010**

Congratulations to our good friends Mark Vinnicombe and his father on winning 5th Open Kingsdown last Saturday against 3,487 birds with a direct son of our De Meyer Stock Cock "Torres". Top flying at the minute mate!

David James of Tipton wins 9th Open in the Teurlings Guernsey race, winning over £1,300.00 with our Staf Van Reet x Cattrysse bloodlines. Thanks for letting us know David !

Update 21st Sept 2009. Our thanks to G.Purchase on keeping us updated. He purchased a direct son of our Award winning "Willenhall Warrior". This year, bred 2 babies from him, in 2 separate nests. Result? BOTH 1st PRIZE-WINNERS !!!

Update 23rd June 2009 from John Bonser in Nottinghamshire. Birds acquired from us carrying Van Reet and Cattrysse lines play a large part in him taking 1st and 2nd Fed Messac - Highest velocity from 3 Federations and winning a coveted Gold Medal. Well done John ! Thank You for keeping us updated.

Many thanks and our congratulations to our good friend in Northern Ireland LEN McKINSTRY for informing us of great success with our lines. In May 2009 Len reports a marvellous 3rd OPEN IRISH NATIONAL FLYING CLUB SKIBEREEN with our lines. Fantastic Len !

Here is what Len McKinstry of Dundonald in Northern Ireland has won with ONE pair of pigeons from us

1st Club 1st West Section 1st Open Thurles 4,894 birds

1st Club 1st Open East Down Combine 4th YB National 4,011 birds

1st Club 6th West Section 7th OPen East Down Combine Skibbereen YB Derby

4th Club 411 birds, 5th West Section 2,282 birds, 10th Open 4,928 birds

5th Club 482 birds, 7th West Section 9th Open 7,485 birds

4th Club 275 birds 12th West Section, 13th Open EDC 5,181 birds

14th and 15th Open EDC Pilmore Beach Classic

1st Navan 156 birds

1st and 4th Navan 178 birds

1st Mullingar 132 birds

1st Tulamore 158 birds

2nd and 4th Durrow 138 birds

3rd and 4th Mullingar 180 birds 

Another fancier to achieve success with our birds is the partnership of A & R McAULEY of Bushmills, Co.Antrim. The Van Reets that thery bought from us in the 1990's have been very successful, with such performances as 1st Club, 1st Section, 4th Open NIPA Arklow coming from our Van Reets.

Dave Holderness is another fancier winning well with our birds. He won with a G-Daughter of "The Jackpot Pair" . Smokey Hen - 9 x 1st before 2 years of age and then retired.

Nottingham's John Bonser bought a team of latebreds from us and won from the word GO with them!

C.Poxon and B.Poxon and Son are both flying well in the Wolverhampton Federation and Vasnrobaeys Gold Ring with birds that come down from our stock



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