“CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY” is our Dual West Midlands Region Award winner. He won Awards in 2007 and in 2009 for his performances in the 0-250 miles category. Very few pigeons win a RPRA Region Award. Even fewer win them more than once. Since being retired to Stock he is now Sire and G.Sire of birds to win 1st Federation for both ourselves and other fanciers!

To add to this, "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" represented Great Britain in the sprint Category at the Olympic in Poland. We are thrilled to announce that he finished in 4th place in this category - confirming that he is indeed one of the finest sprint pigeons that you are likely to come across at the moment!!

We’ve now made the decision to retire “CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY” to Stock where we look forward to working with his offspring. “CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY” is already responsible for good pigeons – for instance in 2010 he is the G.Sire to George Crosby’s 2nd Section 8th Open MCC Fougeres!

At the beginning of the 2013 season we're delighted to announce that not only was the winner of 1st Section 1st Open Frome in the Wolverhampton Fed 3,800+ birds a G.Son of CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY, but the week after he did it again with a DIRECT son this time taking 1st Section 1st Open Wolverhampton Fed Wincanton against 4,138 birds.


“CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY” was born in 2006 and is a winner of 18 x 1st on the road.


His racing record is :-

1st Wincanton 266 birds

1st Kingsdown 133 birds

1st Wincanton 340 birds

1st Wincanton 441 birds

1st Show Race Wincanton 2008

1st Show Race Wincanton 2009

1st Swainswick 229 birds

1st Frome 329 birds

1st Frome 372 birds

1st Kingsdown 282 birds

1st Kingsdown 191 birds

1st Section Wincanton 2,954 birds

1st Federation Wincanton 6,338 birds

1st Section 1,304 birds

1st Black Country Open Kingsdown 488 birds on this occasion he was liberated with 1,208 birds from the Black Country Fed (1,208 birds) and recorded the highest velocity.

1st Black Country Open 341 birds on this occasion he was liberated with 1,160 birds from the Black Country Fed and again recorded the highest velocity.

2nd Wincanton 410 birds

2nd Kingsdown 276 birds

2nd Wincanton 396 birds

2nd Wincanton 410 birds

2nd Black Country Open Yeovil 525 birds – 2nd Black Country Fed Yeovil 2nd Section Kingsdown 2,312 birds (beaten on a decimal)

2nd Federation Kingsdown 5,327 birds (beaten on a decimal)

2nd Section 2,096 birds

3rd Kingsdown 308 birds

3rd Kingsdown 305 birds

3rd Black Country Open Portland (beaten on decimals) 3rd Black Country Fed 1,103 birds

4th KIngsdown 166 birds

5th Section 3,515 birds

6th Kingsdown 159 birds

6th Kingsdown 187 birds

6th Frome 381 birds

6th Section 2,863 birds

7th Kingsdown 105 birds

7th Swainswick 342 birds

7th Club 300 birds

7th Club 138 birds

8th Frome 442 birds

8th Open Black Country Kingsdown 327 birds 8th Black Country Fed Kingsdown

8th Kingsdown 185 birds

8th Federation 6,884 birds

Again, 8th Federation 6,884 birds

8th Federation 7,833 birds

9th Federation 6,822 birds

10th Section 2,216 birds

10th Federation 4,897 birds

13th Federation 7,784 birds

16th Federation 6,833 birds

27th Federation 6,346 birds

27th Federation 6,338 birds

29th Federation 6,346 birds







Another Region Award winner is


"Willenhall Warrior"


and he is the winner of the following :

2nd Section 2nd Open MCC Messac

3rd Section 4th Open MCC Portland (beaten by loftmate). These two came together in a NW wind when the winner was flying 30 miles shorter.

2nd club Lessay (beaten by loftmate) 10th Wolves Federation 2,899 birds

2nd club Picauville 18th Open 3,079 birds

2nd club Swainswick 19th Wolves Federation 6,558 birds.

He was the winner of the 0-800 miles Category of the West Midlands Region.

"Warrior" was not only a great racer, but he is proving invaluable as a breeder, producing excellent pigeons with a variety of mates. One piece of feedback we had recently from "Willenhall Warrior" lines was from our friend Gavin Purchase who notified us to say that his 5th Open North Midlands Classic Saintes winner was a grand-child of "Warrior" !

Cath and Ken Lycett of Rugeley have a sensational pigeon called "Eddy" that as a yearling in 2013 won 5 x 1st clubs and 3 x 1st Burton and Derby Federation victories (on 3 different winds). "Eddy" has already bred a 1st Federation winner too. "Eddy" is the 2013 Overall West Midlands Region Sprint Champion. His mother came from our lofts and carries "Willenhall Warrior" blood!








is a 2010 Widowhood cock currently residing in our race team. He's one of our stars at present and we have just learnt that he has won a 2011 West Midlands Region Award in the 0-250 miles category. He was bred by ourselves. His father was purchased from the fabulous loft of Mr and Mrs J. Bradley whilst his Dam is one of our wonderful De Meyer Breeding hens. He has 10 x 1st and 3 x 2nd's to his name!

Amongst "Van Persie's" performances are :-

1st Club Kingsdown. 1st Section 19 Clubs sent 1,301 birds, 1st Fed (38 Clubs sent 2,816 birds). He won the Fed by over 13 yards per minute.

1st Club Kingsdown. 1st Section (20 Clubs sent 1,620 birds) and also 1st Open Federation against 3,267 birds. 

1st Club Kingsdown 278 birds, 2nd Section 1,951 birds, 2nd Federation (Beaten by 0.05 ypm). Remember we don't use ETS.

As a true widowhood cock "Van Persie" does not get much opportunity as a breeder - and yet on the 8th September 2012 we won 1st and 2nd Section (20 clubs sent 1976 birds) and 1st and 2nd Federation Wincanton against 3,925 birds. Both timers hit the landing board together. The winner was direct out of "Van Persie's" brother whilst the other was direct out of "Van Persie" himself!

Since being put to Stock we're pleased to say that this decision has started to pay handsome dividends with children winning 1st Wolverhampton Fed for us.


Indeed our 2016 West Midlands Region Award winner






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