The Brilliant Painter De Meyer Collection

The Brilliant Painter De Meyer Collection


The Painter De Meyers are our sensational family of sprinters that we've introduced with great success over a decade ago now.

 At our lofts we own an extensive team of these lightning fast sprinters, and they continue to win up and down the country. They have won 1st Clubs, 1st Feds, 1st Amals and 1st Open MCC for ourselves and others have enjoyed considerable success too - a snippet of which is captured on the "Others Win Too" page.

So, what are the “Painter De Meyer’s” ?


The PAINTER DE MEYERS are a family that have their base as a De Meyer; but then have subtle other pigeons blended into them to make them our own super family of sprinter. We don't keep ourselves awake at night worrying whether we're breeding something that is genetically 100% of a certain breed of pigeon. We keep ourselves awake at night trying to constantly improve and improve and improve! For instance, our "CHAMPION OLYMPIC TAFFY" is one pigeon that's proven to blend into the De Meyers with stunning success.

In 2015 we were the proud winners of both 1st and 2nd Section, 1st and 2nd Open MCC Portland. We were also 1st and 2nd Open in the same race, but this was extended into an "Open Race" when non-members of the MCC could also participate. End result was we were 1st and 2nd Open in that, both birds carrying our Painter De Meyer bloodlines.

We’ve had these pigeons on the garden over a decade now and generation after generation they’ve won. Not just for us either; we are always thrilled to share the news of other fanciers wins. People who buy pigeons from us aren’t just customers; we value them as friends too. We regularly breed our own Stock pigeons too and therefore we’re comfortable in saying that after a decade or so of doing this that these are our own family of pigeons.

There’s plenty of examples of both breeding and performance pigeons in the gallery that we invite you to look at








Well what can we say about Aerts Brothers?

These are top class fanciers who are broadly non-commercial. However lots of top class fanciers on the continent use the pigeons from Aerts Brothers in their family. They do that because they obviously are top class.

In recent times you may have come across the line of “PITBUL” of Karel Laenen. Some UK Studs have been very keen of late to get these pigeons to our shores and you won’t hear the last of them.


If you look at the pedigree of Karel Laenen’s “PITBUL” pigeon you’ll see that he is a G.Son of Aerts Brothers 2005 “PITBULL” pigeon!


In 2014 we introduced the AERTS pigeons on to the garden to compliment our existing family of PAINTER DE MEYERS. We introduced 10; 7 of which were hens and put to the breeding loft and 3 cocks were put to test on the road.


One cock took 1st Open Wolverhampton Federation against 3,056 birds. The other cock took good positions in the MCC and Federation. The other cock in 2015 is the FATHER of the pigeon that won "BEST YB in the NORTH WEST REGION" for Devine & Kelly of Liverpool.

You may not have heard of Aerts Brothers because they are largely non-comercial; but they are exceptional. If you look at the background of the De Meyer pigeons you can find such influences as LAMBRECHT, GERT HEYLEN and also AERTS BROTHERS (to name but three). These fanciers are good friends with one another and as such you an often see each one influencing the birds of another.

The AERTS are an exceptionally intelligent pigeon; just like the PAINTER DE MEYERS and that's why we hoped they would blend into our existing family nicely..


In June 2018 we were informed of an outstanding victory by "PITBULL QUEEN". This hen was bred by ourselves and raced by Mr & Mrs K.Lycett of Rugeley. She won 1st Section, 1st Open North Midlands Continental Club (105 members sent 1,034 birds). She won the race by 4 mnutes and 43 seconds and won £646.00, a new ETS System and a Gold Medal. Her father is the RPRA Award winner "JUMBO" and her mother is a DIRECT Aerts hen


Our Aerts pigeons are winning and breeding winners for other fanciers too.

The obvious example is “CHAMPION HARRY’S BOY” who was bred by ourselves. His father was a direct Aerts and his mother a Painter De Meyer. “CHAMPION HARRY’S BOY” was the Champion YB of his Region in 2015.


In 2018 we’ve won ourselves on the road with Aerts bloodlines; and we’ve had winners reported to us too. For example Frank Hood reported 1st Club, 1st Federation, 1st Section against approx 6,000 birds. That pigeon was carrying 75% of our Aerts Brothers bloodlines.



We have been impressed with what the Aerts Brothers pigeons have offered us since their introduction in 2014. So much so that in 2017 we strengthened our “PITBUL” lines etc by visiting “The Maestro of Mechelen” David Peeters.



Most of David’s pigeons are at Stock, but one cock on the road is a cock we call



This 2017 cock is a G.Son of Karel Laenen’s “PITBUL”

As a YB he won 2 x 1st and 1 x 3rd (beaten by 2 loftmates)

In 2018 he’s already a winner of

1st Club, 1st Section, 1st Wolverhampton Federation Kingsdown (over 2,800 birds)


We carry the lines of "PITBULL", "POPEMIEKE", "ZWARTE GESCHELPT", "DE VECHTER" and "GOEI DIKKE" really prominently!!





In recent times we've introduced FOUR pigeons bred in 2015 DIRECT from the Dutch Wonder Loft of GEBR. HEERES AND SON. Wait until you see the performances and what have come onto the garden!

We've introduced a PAIR that are DIRECT from the legendary




His performances are jaw-dropping.

This 2004 cock won :

1st Duffel 27,144 birds

1st Lessines 28,355 birds

2nd Heteren 29,035 birds

6th Boxtel 29,125 birds

15th Duffel 12,297 birds

16th Pommeraine 21,666 birds




We've a PAIR of 2015 that are DIRECT from "ARAMIS" at Stock

His two daughters are BOTH breeding winners for us

In fact, earlier in 2018 it was a daughter of “ARAMIS” that bred

1st Club, 1st Section (730 birds) and 16th Wolverhampton Federation against 2,845 birds





If that isn't enough to excite you then let me tell you that we've also acquired a PAIR that are DIRECT from the actual FATHER of "ARAMIS". Yes, the


"DER PETER"cock himself!! (a 2002 pigeon) -


We have a PAIR of 2015 children from him at Stock. These are HALF-BROTHERS to "ARAMIS".




"DER PETER" has bred :



Aramis winner of

1st Prov. Duffel 27.144 birds

1st Prov. Lessines 28.355 birds

2nd Prov. Heteren 29.035 birds

6th Prov. Boxtel 29.125 birds

15th Prov. Duffel 12.297 birds

16th Prov. Pommer l from 21.666 birds




St Ghislaintje winner of

1st NPO St Ghislain17.200 birds




D'Artagnan winner of

1st NPO Menan 26.784 birds

1st Heteren 3.054 birds



Athos winner of

2nd Prov. Duffel 12.297 birds



Porthos winner of

4th Prov. Duffel 27.144 birds



Porthos II winner of

6th NPO Arras 18.112 birds

There’s not much room for arguing with performances like that is there?








These are new onto the garden for the 2018 season

It would have been an easy decision to turn our backs and not get involved in this family of pigeons because plenty of people now have them. They’ve become very fashionable and they’ve done well for many fanciers. With that in mind if we were going to introduce them then we had to come in at a high level and bring in the best pigeons that we could afford. We think we’ve done that.



This fine roomy hen is a full sister to Les Green’s ace racer “CHAZ”. He has something like 7 x 1st to his name and 2 x 1st Central Lancashire Combine wins to his credit. There are brothers to “CHAZ” that have also won 1st Federation for Les Green too


“CHAZ” has now been sold to China; and we are delighted to have a FULL SISTER to “CHAZ” in our breeding lofts.


Father of our hen (and "CHAZ") is a half-brother to Stefaan Lambrecht's "LINCIA" - KBDB Champion with the lowest ever co-efficient in Belgium history. Mother of our hen (and "CHAZ") is a G-Daughter of "BROER GOEDE RODE", "40000", "BLAUWE GERT" and "VAN LOOCK DUIVIN".  All world famous breeders in their own right


Also at Stock we have :

A hen whose father is a HALF-BROTHER to "LINCIA" the brilliant Stefaan Lambrecht's Champion when he was mated to a half-sister of "KITTEL"


A hen whose father is a FULL BROTHER to "OLYMPIC ROSITA". She's the mother of "KITTEL"


A hen whose mother is a DIRECT DAUGHTER of "GREIPEL" the crack full brother of "KITTEL"


We have a cock whose father is a DIRECT SON of "KITTEL"



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